Benefits of Lease Versus Cash Purchase:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Leasing our affordable equipment backed by powerful funders gives you a great advantage over your competitors
  • Quick decisions on funding once you have met lending criteria
  • Very Low Capital Outlay: The equipment may in some cases be obtained for as little as NIL deposit
  • Bespoke packages to suit your business
  • Supplier invoices are settled on delivery/installation         
  • Tax efficient as lease payments are treated as a trading expense for the full duration of the lease and therefore are 100% allowable against your profits. This can reduce your tax liability each year
  • Acquire modern equipment now to give your business the power to grow. Efficient equipment such as LED lighting is more cost effective as it ultimately will pay for itself by saving you money on energy consumption 
  • Minimum cash deposits enables you to free up your cash flow      
  • Keep working capital which can be put towards other more profitable purposes such as stock or investments 
  • Pay for the equipment as it is used and spread the cost through its working life
  • Regular lease payments are fixed for the term of the lease and will not increase allowing you to plan and budget as you always know when and how much to pay
  • VAT is paid on each rental and not upfront
  • Leasing will not affect existing credit limits such as your bank overdrafts
  • Equipment will still belong to you at the end of the lease term

How to apply:

A typical minimum spend of £1000 is usually required to be eligible for lease financing.

To find out more information about lease financing and how to apply please contact us.